Once you’ve decided you want a tattoo the two biggest obstacles are selecting an artist and the design. Choosing a tattoo artist is critical. You will be carrying their work and their reputation with you for the rest of your life. If we had all grown up with friends that became talented tattoo artists, we’d have one less thing to worry about. Luckily, the Virtuoso Tattoo Krew recognizes that relationships are key to their success. That knowledge and their superior talents are how each of the VTK artists has built a reputation they, and you, can be proud of.

At the VTK studio there are no “know-it-all”, “ego-maniacs”. It’s more like a BBQ, and if you hang around long enough, you might wind up with some very unlikely friends. We are as interested in meeting you as we are in your business. We respect the curious and the committed, but most of all, art and ideas.